Voting Rights Protection Needs Attention, Says Democrats

voting rights
voting rights

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, was called out by Raphael Warnock, the senator from the state of Georgia. It was done so with regard to the bill concerning voting rights. The senator from the Democratic party stated the need to stand up against the suppression of the voters to the President. He claimed that they have to do anything in order for the voting rights to get passed.

Voting Rights Attacked By The Republicans

The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is responsible for signing one of the most controversial legislation with regard to the rights of the voters. It provided a whole new set of restrictions to the voters. It was made into law last week. 

The law is an action taken against the community of Black and other minorities who are the supporters of the Democratic party. It was introduced by the Republican politicians in a number of states. Georgian governor, Republican Brian Kemp, is an important advocate of the above-mentioned aim concerning voting rights.

The act of Republican Kemp faced condemnation from President Biden. He stated that the law was “un-American.” He also gave some other names defying the act of the state that was enforcing the act of segregation based on race after the civil war. 

However, what people are worried about is the fact that the President and his administration are more occupied by the economic package than the voting rights apparently. The total amount of the package is said to be 3 trillion USD. They are said to be more concerned about the country’s infrastructure rather than the undemocratic law.

Democratic senator Warnock stated that to work for the democratic infrastructure of the country was as important as to work for the tangible infrastructure. There were two parts of the legislation that was laid before the US Congress. The aspects of the legislation counter the undemocratic law.