Kamala Harris Is Missing From Her Latest Duty At The Border

kamala harris
kamala harris

The administration of the American President, Joe Biden, reached out to the volunteers of the government in order to report for duty. This comes at a time when the US-Mexico border is facing the crisis of overcrowding. However, what people are talking about is the absence of Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the country.

The inquisitiveness concerning the vice-president comes from the fact that the responsibility of handling the border crisis had been shouldered on the vice-president. She was given the responsibility of fixing the problem.

Kamala Harris Occupied By Something Else?

The silence of the first female vice-president of America continues to bother as the border crisis gets more serious with time. Kamala Harris has not addressed the immigration issue yet. And according to sources, she has no plans as of now, to head south.

This comes even after the official announcement of President Joe Biden claiming that the responsibility of solving the immigration crisis was given to the vice-president. The announcement was made on Wednesday. As per the VP’s office, Kamala Harris was not scheduled to have any events this weekend. It was also reported that there was no schedule related to the immigration crisis.

Currently, the situation at the border has taken a toll on the administration of the Democratic President, Joe Biden. The government volunteers are now being asked a hand in dealing with the surge in migrants. A news resource confirmed that the Personnel Management office has taken the initiative of sending memos to the heads of the agencies. It is done in order to get some help to tackle the situation.

They have requested the volunteer deployments of 120 days. According to another source, vice-president Kamala Harris is currently occupied with the frustration of the renovations that are going on at her mansion.