VPNs: what are they, what can you use them for, and why are they good for online gaming?

vpns online gaming
vpns online gaming

More and more of what we do in society has headed online now. With this in mind, there is no doubt that the internet has been a major invention and revolutionized how we live. This is not just in how we work, but also how we spend our spare time.

Gaming is a good illustration of one entertainment sector that has undergone a digital revolution recently. As shown at High Roller Casinos, there are lots of safe and fun online casinos to play at now, compared to only having offline casinos to enjoy previously. If you are looking for online platforms to game at that offer excellent customer support and fabulous bonuses, this site is worth checking out.

None of what we like to do online though could run without the networks that underpin the internet. One that you might have heard a lot about lately is the VPN. But what is it, and what is it useful for?

What is a VPN?

Although the term may sound technical, VPNs are actually pretty simple. Standing for ‘virtual private network’, it is essentially a type of digital network to use when surfing the web. They operate via data encryption tech to create a private internet network to use from a public IP address. Compared to standard or public networks, they do a much better job of protecting you while online.

What sort of thing can a VPN be used for?

The simple answer is that they are useful anytime you head online to use the internet – at home or when out. Although home internet networks can be breached by hackers, the danger can grow even more when using the internet when out via public Wi-Fi networks. VPNs are worth using for everything from shopping online to checking social media when out, logging onto your internet bank, and sending emails.

Why are VPNs good for online gaming?

Online gaming is another activity where using a VPN is sensible. This is especially true for playing games at online casinos, where your personal and banking details could be vulnerable to hackers. By using a VPN when playing at iGaming sites, you keep your personal and banking details a lot more secure and make it much harder for online criminals to steal them.

VPNs can also make it much harder for cybercriminals to steal your account password and use it to log in with, before withdrawing money or playing games themselves. The same is also true for anyone who plays video games online. VPNs are essential for protecting your bank details, for example, if you purchase in-game products or pay to download a new game online.

VPNs make sense when online

Technology advances all the time (Steam’s latest game download feature is a great example), and VPNs show just how useful this evolution can be. This is particularly true for activities such as online gaming, where you might have to enter personal or banking details at times.