Clippers Beats Spurs Easily


Clippers have been one of the main teams in the tournament. They have had a consistent record of winning. The Los Angeles-based team has been a great bunch. The team seems to be right on track for the championship. The LA side did not make a mistake to win against the Spurs. The game was initiated very carefully by both sides. No one wanted to take any sort of risk. The players played their hearts out. However, as the game progressed, the Clippers proved to be the better side. They held their nerves and saw them go through.  

Tyrone Lue is the coach of the team. He expressed his desperation to win the match. The team had previously won seven back-to-back matches. However, the streak came to an end recently on Sunday. Luke said all the members needed a win desperately. This would optimistically boost the whole team of Clippers. Let us find out more about the incident below. 

Clippers Win Against Spurs 106-92

The win for the Clippers did a world of good for them. It rejuvenated the team from the shock defeat earlier. Los Angeles had the hero of the game. Paul George was in charge of taking his team through. He performed brilliantly and ended up with thirty-four points. Paul converted twelve of the thirteen free throws in the match. 

Reggie Jackson ably assisted Paul for the sake of the team. He scored another twenty-four points after which the win looked like a formality to be completed. The Spurs were a young bunch of guys who tried to put in their best efforts. However, the experience mattered in the end. The Clippers were very much dominating throughout the match. They have promised to keep on the good work in the future. 

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