Christie Brinkley’s Daughter Hates The Word ‘Fattening’

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley believes it is time the world moved on from its obsession with the term ‘fattening’, which she mentioned in an interview. The model went on to share how the entire industry surrounding fashion has finally dragged itself into the 21st century, with a relative period of inclusion- far from the dim lights when young women would pick up fashion magazines and feel bad about themselves because they wouldn’t look like the reed-thin models.

The change has been marked, she feels, as fashion magazines today show people of all different ages, shapes, and ethnicities- which prioritizes the importance of representation. 

Christie Brinkley and Her Family Have Been Shifting Their Word Choices

However, while Christie Brinkley believes that the fashion industry is moving correctly- a lot more needs to change. She stated that it is important for women to stop comparing themselves with other women. Every single individual is unique and as a society, it is our prerogative to not judge other people, whilst stopping ourselves from using words that have a negative connotation. 

Christie Brinkley gave the example of her daughter Sailor- who would tell her not to use the word fattening- but rather use the phrase ‘not healthy’. Her daughter, who recently turned 21, spoke about her fight with an eating disorder in an interview with Good Morning America in 2020. She stated that she had always been a little overweight, and she felt the weight of it on her- as people constantly teased her about it.

But, Brinkley’s family isn’t the only one that has been thinking about shifting their word choices. Coco Rocha also stated that she wouldn’t want her children to describe other people as fat or ugly. 

Let’s hope the actions of Christie Brinkley, Coco Rocha, and their families are reciprocated by millions of others- to make the world beautiful- one word at a time. 

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