Donald Trump To Be The Next GOP Leader?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Quite a few Republicans want Donald Trump to be the leader of their party according to a poll that was conducted by SSRS. But there have been differing views about the role of Trump in the workings of the party- along with the chances of him as a future nominee for the Presidency, which has led to divides in the GOP.

Interestingly, the divide about Trump being the leader of the Republican Party isn’t as equitable as it was being analyzed. Almost 63% of the Republican party members want Trump to be the leader of the party. But when it comes to furnishing him with a ticket for the 2024 Elections, the divide is quite equal. 51% believe that he would be the key to a win, while 49% believe the party would be better off with a different nominee. 

Donald Trump For President 2024?

The support for Donald Trump, too, is quite divided. 69% of the Republican members who don’t have a college degree are of the belief that Trump should be the head of the party, whereas 49% of them who have a college degree believe that he should be the leader. A 72% majority amidst conservatives have spoken about Trump heading the party, which is quite large compared to 49% among the smaller bloc of moderates that exist in the party. 

Interestingly, quite a number of Republican party members consider their support for Donald Trump to be a significant part of their own partisan identity which runs alongside their support for principles that are conservative in nature. Almost 6 out of 10 have provided their support to Trump. But the shocker comes when it is revealed that these members also believe that Trump won the 2020 Presidency.

The new CNN poll about Donald Trump was conducted from the 3rd of August to the 7th of September by SSRS. The mode of conduction was online and by telephone amongst a random sample of around 2,119 adults that were recruited through an address-based sample.