Washington Gridlock Worries America On Supplies Of Covid


Washington is under an election gridlock at the moment. Thus, they are unable to send any excess funds to America. Joe Biden has expressed serious concerns on the matter. He has asked the house to consider the situation an emergency. The President of the United States Of America stated that people might die and suffer due to a lack of funds. The funds in question are supposed to provide for the medical stocking for covid-related essentials.

The house has already stated that they are running low on funds. From oxygen to vaccines, every essential thing is soon going to be out of stock. The President has stated that the country did not have enough funds to tackle the situation of another covid wave. He said that if a further wave of covid was to hit the country, America will be unprepared. He also stated that all the people did not get the vaccines yet. Thus, it should be of utmost urgency that every resident of America must get jabbed at the earliest. 

Dr.Ashish Jha works as the special coordinator of Covid-19. He has expressed his frustration about waiting for too long to get added funds. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Washington Urged To Provide Extra Funds 

Washington has been requested to send extra funds on an emergency basis. Funds are also getting low for doctors that are currently in charge of patients who do not have their medical insurance. Most politicians have agreed on a special Covid program. 

People in America feel that a special Covid bill must be implemented very soon. It now remains to be seen what Washington does now and what happens next.