Wayne Rooney Open Up On His Drinking Issues: Star Forward Of ManU, DC United Says The Pressure Got To Him

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has revealed that he was forced to go on drinking binges as he fought to deal with the fame and attention that came his way. Rooney has revealed he would shut himself away for 2 days at a stretch and binge.

Wayne Rooney was thrust into the limelight when he burst into the Premier League at 16, but the pressure soon got to him, and he shut himself at home alone for days and get drunk. He would shut himself away from the limelight and try to shut the issues away from his mind.

He said that it was a sort of self-binge. He said he could not bear to be with anyone. The 36-year-old former international striker was then in the early stages of his playing career and the exposure proved too much for the record goalscorer in English football. The transformation was too much for the simple kid who grew up on a council estate in Liverpool.

From that stage of being a Premier League star at the age of 16 and then quickly into the England team a year later, was a tough call. He says that he wasn’t ready for that.

Wayne Rooney’s Documentary Releases On Amazon Prime

Wayne Rooney was speaking ahead of a documentary to be streamed on Amazon Prime about his life. He said that he was not ready for the darker side of being a star at such a young age. He said it was similar to being thrown into the deep end before he could get comfortable with it.

The pressure to deliver constantly, the hounding by the paparazzi as they delved into his personal life, it all added up and proved too much for him to handle.

Wayne Rooney says that he has adopted various coping mechanisms over the years to manage his anger. It has been different over the past years and he has learned to speak with his close ones.

Wayne Rooney says it was impossible then to share his mental condition, but people have more opened up these days, he feels. It was just as difficult in the council estate for Wayne Rooney. He had to deal with things himself, rather than reaching out to others for help.