Welcome To Chippendales: What You Can Expect

welcome to chippendales

Welcome To Chippendales is originally a Hulu series. It is starring Kumail Nanjiani as the lead Somen Steve Banerjee, the founder of Chippendales. The series is based on K.Scot Macdonald’s deadly dance: The Chippendales Murders.

Welcome To Chippendales, From The Creator Of Fantastic Four

The creator of Welcome To Chippendales is none other than Robert Siegel, who previously and successfully created ‘the wrestler’, and  ‘the founder’. The story revolves around Steve Banerjee an Indian who becomes the founder of the male stripping club and follows the incidents that occurred. The adult shady practices that took place behind the strip club, not only money but murders were also involved in the business.

They were gruesome and it was too late for him to realize how monotonous and ‘not so glamourous’ the entertainment world can be. The changes in Steve Banerjee’s life were seen prominently, how a businessman who owns a strip club failed at the beginning but later become violent and unstoppable to remain on top and polish his business more. Murders got involved to remain on top.

The trailer closes with “you’re a bad man, Mr. Banerjee”. Mr.Banerjee dreamt of conquering the world with the power of Male stripping along with Nick De Noia. Greed always took over Mr.Banerjee and went to war with his partner De Noia. Ultimately it exposed Banerjee’s true colors.

Alongside Kumail Nanjiani, there is Nichola Peltz Beckham who is guest-starring in the series. Annaleigh Ashford, Murray Bartlet, Dan Stevens, and Juliette lewis. The story unfolds based totally on the books by K.Scot Macdonald and Patrick MontesDeOca’s deadly dance and directed by Matt Shakman. Matt Shakman replaced Bahrani’s directorship and executive producer. The main series will be premiered on 22nd November 2022 on Apple tv.