Christopher Lloyd To Play Rick Sanchez In New Rick And Morty

Christopher Lloyd

A short promo for Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty featured Christopher Lloyd playing the character of Rick Sanchez. The show feels like a parody of Back to the Future and has scratched the itch that had persisted in the minds of the fans. 

The Viral Clip Featuring Christopher Lloyd As Rick Sanchez

We can see a 14- second clip, where Christopher Lloyd jumped out of a portal and walked into his garage. He was accompanied by Jaeden Martell, who is playing the role of Morty. Christopher Lloyd then does his riff from Star Wars adding a Rick Sanchez belch for good measure. “Morty, we’re home.”

Martell replied with the normal, “aw, jeez” and that was it. There is no mention of the fact if this was an allusion to a Christopher cameo in the finale of Season 5 or if it was just a one-off clip. The showrunners have made several one-off clips over the years and people are expecting that. The clip has been uploaded on Adult Swim’s social media by “C-132”. The name suggests that this is from a different universe a the main storyline takes place in C-137.

People are curious if multiversal proximity would mean something. Fans are patiently waiting for Sunday to arrive, to find out the reason for this clip. Christopher Lloyd being cast as Rick in an actual episode would be the best way to close the loop on the Rick and Morty series.

The video clip might be a promo but adding Christopher Lloyd feels like a nod to the origin of the show and feels quite satisfying.