What Is Camilla Luddington Saying?

camilla luddington

Camilla Luddington’s romance on Grey’s Anatomy resurfaces.There is a higher possibility of them renewing her romance with Chris Carmack on screen. Previously they have been on and off, they had a rollercoaster. Personal and family lives messed up their relationship in the past. They are on the path of mending it. Camilla perhaps gave a hint of it.

Camilla Luddington Reviving The Relationship With Her Reel Romance

With work pressure and everyday life challenges Jo Wilson aka Camilla Luddington couldn’t keep her private relationship healthy. She continuously met with challenges that made her push away Atticus.

Last Sunday Camilla Luddington and Chris Carmack might have said they are looking forward to mending their relationship for good this time. It always has been insane. Which led to the straight romance not staying straight. Their friendship was ruined in the meantime.

However, Camilla Luddington believes the friendship between Jo Wilson and Atticus has become complicated. Everyone around them at the Sloan Memorial Hospital is perhaps testing their friendship.No one is looking over to the romantic side. This might be the chance for them to take care of it.

The two have genuine feelings for each other, which also can lead to disastrous moments at times. They are both scared and aware of that.

Camilla Luddington also said Jo’s relationship with Atticus is one of the sacred relationships. This type of special relationship she has only with her kids. Given Atticus has known her for so long. This is important to her.

In Camilla Luddington’s words, Jo might be dancing inside right now. This is something stable in her life for the first time. She rooting for this. She considers this her family, where she is happy with her children and Atticus.