Why should brands use Instagram?  


Have you recently noticed that a lot of different brands are starting to make use of social media to promote the products or services? Are you looking to used Instagram to promote your new brand but have no idea if it will actually benefit you?  

Social media platforms have been around for quite a while now, long enough to know which are good, which work well, and which help brands the most. One of the most prominent and used social media platforms among businesses is Instagram. Instagram saw its launch all the way back in 2010 and has only grown and gotten better since then reaching an active user base of approximately 1 billion people today.  

There are so many reasons why Instagram became as popular as it is today but the main reason is that it caters to such a large demographic and by adding in different features they allowed for people of all different ages and niches to find something they enjoy. If brands are thinking about using this platform but don’t know why everyone else is, here are a few reasons they should.  

Engaged and targeted audience 

One of the biggest and most important benefits of using Instagram to market your brand is the fact that it allows for engagement from both sides. Instagram has many ways in which you can be engaged with your audience and they can in turn be engaged with you, such as direct messages, comments, likes, shares, saves, and even following people. One of the best ways is using hashtags, and there are services like TaskAnt which will allow you to have access to a hashtag search engine, making your life easier when searching for the best ones to use.  

Although this may sound like it isn’t so important, engagement is key when it comes to being successful on social media because it allows for you to create meaningful relationships with potential customers which in turn creates a sense of loyalty among them. People love feeling appreciated and noticed and this is exactly the way to go about it.  

The ability to be creative 

Traditional marketing is quite straightforward and plai9n, and although it worked for years on end, we are now living in a digital age where people are constantly on their mobile devices. Traditional marketing is more like hard selling, and from research and experiment, it has been seen that social media users don’t like knowing that they are being advertised to, but rather want to see how they are being advertised to. 

Instagram is a great social media platform for businesses and brands to make use of because it allows them to be creative and reach an audience in a way that will entice them and make them want to follow you. Instagram is a place where you can show of the very best and most glamorous side of your businesses through creativity and visuals in various different forms.  

A lot of people use Instagram 

As mentioned earlier, Instagram has, over the years, managed to accumulate over 1 billion active users, most of which are who you can advertise to. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to date and there is no surprise that businesses are taking full advantage of this.  

Another great part about having so many people on Instagram is not only that you have so many people to market to, but there are also that many more people that you can collaborate with in order to try and reach a much larger audience or and audience outside of your own. Social media is all about socialising, and people love it when they see two different people coming together to do something fun. There is so much evidence that shows that collaborating with other Instagram users, mostly in the fact that influencer love promoting brand they think are really well done and worth it.  

Brand awareness 

By far the biggest benefit of using Instagram, for your brand is growing your brand awareness. Not only will you be able to advertise your products and services to your audience but you will also be selling a lifestyle, and letting consumers see the behind the scenes of your business, making them feel more a part of what you are doing, which helps in getting increased followers for Instagram. 

Brand awareness is in the name, and it allows for more people to know about your brand and what it is all about.