Will Zalatoris Breaks Into The World Top 10

will zalatoris

Supposedly Will Zalatoris is no longer the best player on tour without a Victory. Straka and Zalatoris tied after 15 at the 18th hole. A miracle happened at the Golf course, where Zalatoris’s ball was supposed to hit the water but didn’t miraculously, making him beat Straka. Zalatrois escaped the penalty by a fraction of a second.

The exact same shot was taken by Straka but bad luck his ball hit the water causing him a penalty. Where Zalatoris was still going over his options Straka played his fourth shot out at 4 feet.

Will Zalatoris Didn’t Have An Easy Time

Straka is also a winner at the Honda Classic, he had to make a 7-footer to stay in the game. According to him, he narrowly missed a 20-foot birdie. Straka moved to no.8 in the standing. For Will Zalatoris it took three playoffs to win the FedEx.

His playoffs featured three penalty drops in three holes, and neither Will Zalatoris nor Straka could make the birdie, hence Zalatoris par-3 with 11th bogey won the shot.

On the 18th regulation, Zalatoris was supposedly in trouble, though he made 10 footers for par and at a 4-under 66. For that shot, he was in the trees, close to the boundary on the 18th  on the second playoff hole, however, he made a 15-foot par putt.

The luck even shocked Zalatoris himself, with close calls. He further stated, “it’s hard to say ‘about time’ when it’s your second year on tour, but it’s about time”, adding “considering those close finishes means a lot”.

The final hole made history, and it was wild. But by the media, Will Zalatoris didn’t have any realistic shot, he just got lucky enough with the shot.