Charlie Crist, The Democratic Governor, To Run In The Next Florida Elections

Charlie Crist
Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist, the Representative from the Democratic party is working for the office of the governor. He is set to launch a campaign that would help him in getting back his old job. the representative made it through an announcement, his decision of going for the governor’s election in Florida in the year 2022. This announcement came in this Tuesday.

Charlie Crist On Attacked DeSantis

No such announcements have been made until by the incumbent from the Republican party, Ron DeSantis. There is no certainty if he will run for another term. The gubernatorial campaign of Charlie Crist gives way to an open seat in the 13th Congressional District of the state of Florida. The seat has been made vulnerable, particularly for the next pickup by the Republican party. And this comes at a time when the majority of the Democratic party in the House of Representatives is not very strong. 

The Democratic Florida governor aspirant in his speech criticized the way the state governor, Ron DeSantis, handled the situation of the coronavirus. Charlie Crist talked about the move of the Republican governor in setting up the vaccination clinics of the coronavirus exclusively in the areas of the wealthy people. He termed the move to be “shameful.” he also accused Ron DeSantis of paying more attention to the advice of the conspiracy theorists when he should have listened to the scientists.

The Representative claimed that the current state government had failed himself in handling the situation during the worst crisis of health and economy in the country. This speech was made on Tuesday at the hometown of Charlie Crist, St. Petersburg, Tuesday. The Democratic Representative also brought out the recent sessions of legislation that had taken place in the state. He referred to the passing of the election bill that puts restrictions on the voters’ access. The anti-riot bill was also mentioned by him.