World Health Organization Praise Egypt’s Efforts In Controlling COVID-19 

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

Once the first Coronavirus case was confirmed in Egypt, the government’s efforts were just noticeably incredible!

Therefore, The World Health Organization (WHO) and CNN came out to praise the efforts of the Egyptian government for the way they are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

For example:

  • Schools and Universities closure and using online classes instead.
  • 14-day airport lockdown starting from today
  • Shisha (Hooka) banning from all the coffeeshops
  • Ministry of health spreads awareness by SMS
  • Follow up calls to make sure Egyptians who just came from other countries are feeling well with assuring them to stay home.
  • 30،000 ِِِEGP penalty and a year prison in case of exploitation from any supermarket or pharmacy
  • Preparing to add masks and sanitizers in the ration cards to be given for free for all citizens
  • Ministry of communications and information technology is granting 30 times charged balance free minutes and internet

These consider just a small example of what the Egyptian Government has done. All the efforts done by the Egyptian government is to encourage people to stay home to stem the outbreak.