Coronavirus Vaccines, Can They Be Safe for Pregnant Women?


While the entire world looks at the numbers of infected people that are continuously rising, scientists and doctors are working hard to develop a vaccine that could be the cure for Coronavirus. The situation in China is slowly getting under control, but in other parts of the world, including America and Europe, the number of infected people is increasing rapidly. Therefore, there is a huge effort to develop new coronavirus vaccines as soon as possible, but will they be suitable for all of us?

We are mainly worried about seniors, who are the riskiest age group, but what about pregnant women? There is a serious concern that they and their babies won’t be able to benefit from the vaccine. We have to ensure that these vaccines are safe for everyone, including pregnant women because they are in such a delicate condition. Some cases already show that moms-to-be have more severe symptoms, so if we develop a vaccine that they can’t use, that would be a huge injustice.

Why Are Pregnant Women Not Included in Vaccine Trials?

When looking back through history, we can also notice that the rights of pregnant women were not adequately treated in cases of global epidemics, because they were rarely included in vaccine trials. There is no need to continue making the same mistake today. Although their condition is quite specific, and therefore more delicate, they also need to be protected. In 2019, 22 specific recommendations were issued to indicate the importance of including future moms and their unborn babies in such research and giving them equal chances.

COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Safe for Use During Pregnancy

Although numerous trials for the new COVID-19 vaccine are still undergoing, investors should ensure that it is suitable for all groups of people. However, since this vaccine is under development, and it is still early to talk about it, pregnant women cannot be included in trials yet. It is essential to invest in such tests on time because they can last, and we cannot expect to get the final result in a few days. We are talking about weeks, months actually.

COVID-19 as a Warning Sign

This pandemic should be our last alarm showing that, for all future outbreaks, we need to be prepared. We need to have large-scale trials that will guarantee that such vaccines are safe during pregnancy and that they carry no risks for the mom and baby. Everything else is injustice. Pregnant women are already at a higher risk due to their condition, and we need to protect them especially in unpredictable situations like these.

How to Protect Yourself During Pregnancy and Pandemic

There are so many things that are unknown at the moment. For example, doctors do not know can Coronavirus harms the unborn baby, can it increase the odds for miscarriage or other complications. Hence, moms to be should strictly follow the rules and guidelines for avoiding the virus. Also, they should avoid being around people who are sick or show any symptoms of the virus. Wearing face masks and gloves in public, and washing hands regularly are some general recommendations that can also help.