Naomi Judd’s Will After Snubbing Might Face Competition From Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd

There is a way if you have the will.

Disputes over Naomi Judd’s wealth are probably about to start.

According to allegations that surfaced soon after Naomi committed suicide on April 30, the legendary country singer entirely disinherited daughters Wynonna and Ashley. According to MailOnline, Wynonna  Judd is particularly incensed over being passed over because she feels she is due to at least a portion of the $25 million fortune.

A source said that Wynonna Judd’s mother might be leaving all her fortune to a Larry stick in her craw. The sources have also revealed that she thinks that Naomi has built her fortune partially on Wynonna’s hard work. However, Wynonna is preparing to contest the will.

The source revealed that she was the lead singer of her band, the Judds, in the 1980s. She says that she took Naomi from being a nurse to becoming a star. Well, there is no denying that Wynonna had an amazing voice, and it was one of the usps of their band.

Wynonna Judd Might Fight Against Her Mother’s Will: 

Ashley has agreed to Naomi’s choice, but Wynonna Judd plans to take the case to court.

However, Ashley Judd has no problem with Naomi Judd’s will that left her entire fortune to her second husband. According to the source and their statements to the Daily Mail, Ashley had no problem with the money, it was never all about the money with her.

By Naomi’s wishes, her husband Larry Strickland was granted “complete authority and discretion” over any assets that belonged to her estate, “without the permission of any court” or consent from any estate beneficiary.

Legal professionals think Naomi purposefully left her girls out of her will. Attorney Holly Davis said that leaving out daughters from the will seems to be a purposeful act by the mother.