Zooey Zephyr Has More Support Than Anyone Could Have Thought

zooey zephyr

Zooey Zephyr is the first transgender woman to serve in the Montana legislature. She had gone through the worst to bring out the best of her. The whole country is fighting for the transgender rights. She is the representative of the democratic members. The Republicans have tried to silence her previously. Many have been protesting against the wrongfully passed bill. Seven people were arrested because they wanted to protect Zooey’s voice. Later they joined her for dinner at Helena.

How Long Will Zooey Zephyr Keep Her Mouth Shut?

The Republicans have previously not let Zooey Zephyr speak for the last three sessions. They are trying to silence her by putting her through the worst possible situation.

She brought all those protesters together to discuss what they should do next. There are chances the Republicans strike again and soon. They will try to expel her next. 

Those activists have more faith in Zooey Zephyr than those Republicans. They are confident if such situations occurred rest assured the ball will remain in their court. This will bring national attention to them, nothing else.

The Republicans’ move would likely backfire. House speaker Matt Regier also confirmed the Republicans’ move against Zephyr. The exact thing that she has predicted. The Republicans have labeled Zooey Zephyr’s action as violating laws. The situation unfolding in Montana is very unfortunate. 

They are trying to silence those people’s voices who can bring changes in society. Zephyr is aware her voice can be heard, and those people putting her down won’t. Previously they have removed two democrats who raised their voices.