Taliban Is Focused On Saving Lives?

Taliban Afghan

Taliban saved lives in Kabul in 2021 from a deadly bombing. ISIS-K leaders who planned the suicide bombing were caught immediately back then. Recent news shows he was killed by the Taliban. The leader was the mastermind behind all the tragic attacks all over the world.

Major attacks were made by him during the final days of US service in Afghanistan. Perhaps ISIS-K is suffering heavily from the loss.

Taliban Taking Control Over Afghanistan

The leader of ISIS-K who didn’t sacrifice himself. Send one of his men to do his dirty job. The bombing killed 13 US service members and 170 Afghans. Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri, got back his freedom within days after they took control of the territory.

The Taliban have made sure ISIS-K is active near Afghanistan. They have been trying to track down the terrorist organization but failed miserably. They wouldn’t stop until they put an end to this. They fought with the organization for nearly two decades.

Currently, the US position in Afghanistan is challenged by Al Qaeda and ISIS-K. General Erik Kurilla last month said the US campaign is threatened by terror perhaps. The group has increased its attacks near the Afghanistan region. They are currently trying to destroy the US homeland. Including all the American interests abroad.

The Taliban is praised for taking down the leader whereas Joe Biden’s administration is getting rebuked for failing to save people. Michael McCaul pointed out the administration’s fault for saving the lives at the abbey’s gate.

Many argued President Joe Biden was under pressure to withdraw his army from Afghanistan. Many believe there has been some kind of agreement between him and the former president.