TJ Holmes And Amy Robach Off The Air

TJ Holmes

The co-hosts of GMA 3 of ABC News’ TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have gone off the air with a public revelation of their romantic relationship as disclosed by Kim Godwin, the President of the network announced on Monday. 

Godwin further said that this relationship has now become a matter of internal as well as external concern. A romantic relationship between the two colleagues if not violating the policies of the company needs a break of some days to work through all the possible violations. Hence, the President has taken down TJ Holmes and Amy Robach off the air to preserve the best for the ABC News channel

Godwin gave out genuine decisions. She says that decisions like this are quite difficult as well as important for the brand name. She has also asked the staff to not make it a huge matter and to whisper to each other in the alleys of the office.

She says further how things get more complicated when gossip and rumors go around in the home environment itself. If someone needs help with some information or thinks that they have something that the management should be knowing can head to either a manager or to the human resource team. 

The Revelation Of TJ Holmes And Amy Robach’s Engagement

The Daily Mail reported last week that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach secretly got engaged after sharing a courtship of a month and publishing the pictures of the couple together. The ABC News show GMA 3 at 1 p.m. will temporarily be hosted by Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez as said by Godwin.