Texas Voting Bill Passed In Senate Despite Furious Opposing From The Democrats

Texas Voting Bill
Texas Voting Bill

Texas Voting Law got a nod at the Senate. However, the Democrats protested furiously against the bill. The Democrats boycotted the session to prevent the bill from getting passed. 

The Senate of the state of Texas, which is led by the GOP passed the Texas Voting Bill on Tuesday. This act will make life difficult for the voters. The black people especially can fall victim to this bill, analysts said. Earlier, the Democrats left the session as a symbol of protest against the Texas Voting Bill. 

Texas Voting Bill Will Make Life Harder For The Voters According To Analysts

As per the Tribune of the state of Texas, the bill got the nod after it won in voting at the top chamber. Just a day prior, the Democrats headed for D.C to deny Republicans the much-needed quorum.

There were several updates in the bill. The bill encouraged early & voting at the curbside. It banned the centers with the provision of voting round-the-clock. It also marked the end of the pattern of straight-ticketing.

The Democrats were praised by many for their act. The Democrat followers encouraged the move virtually. However, it could not stop the Republicans. They continued to question in favor of the voting bill amidst all opposition. Greg Abbott, who was the Governor of Texas, seemed to be angry with the Democrats. He issued a warning statement for the arrest of the makers of the law. He said he was ready to put the Democrats behind the bars for their actions. 

The governor of Texas also stated that the miscreants can also be summoned by the speaker. In a statement, he clarified that the State Speaker can also order the arrests of the Democrats. All in all, the Texas Voting Bill issue continues to get intense. The question of whether the tension subsides or intensifies can only be answered with time.