Joe Biden Administration Objects To Chinese Aid To Russia

Joe Biden

The Joe Biden administration has objected to Chinese companies selling non-lethal military equipment to Russia. The US has provided evidence that indicated that companies registered in China sold equipment such as flak jackets and helmets.

American and European intelligence has gathered the evidence and reports suggest that the aid stops short of lethal military aid to Russia. The Joe Biden administration said that they are concerned about the transfer of equipment.

But Joe Biden and his administration are also aware that not everything can be blamed on the Chinese central government. Even though the state economy is controlled by the Chinese government, not all companies are totally under their control, nor is the government completely aware of their activities. But some of the senior officers under Joe Biden believe that the Chinese government was perfectly aware of the transfer of restricted equipment and has not taken any steps to halt them. 

The Joe Biden Administration Realizes That Chinese Aid Continues Despite Concerns

The Biden administration continues to weigh the impact and the total significance of the backing of the government in each of the agencies. But the activities have turned into a matter of grave concern for the Joe Biden government.

The administration declined to give details on the nature of communication between the Chinese government and the Biden administration. In the Joe Biden administration finally determines that the Chinese government has deliberately assisted the Russians, they would have to decide how far they are willing to go as a response.

Such a direct partnership between Russia and China would also be an affirmation of the deepening ties between the former Communist nations. But even as the Russian onslaught has gotten mired in Ukraine for the last few months, China has stopped giving direct military aid to Russia, mostly under pressure from Biden. China is too deeply involved with America and cannot afford to antagonize them.

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