Aaron Donald May Not Retire From The NFL In 2022

Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald

Champion teams in team sports have magnificent celebration parades in their respective cities a few days after completing their longtime target, as is typical in all sports in the United States, and the Los Angeles Rams, victors of Super Bowl LVI, were no exception.

But, apart from the team’s second Vince Lombardi Trophy, the primary subject of conversation was offensive lineman Aaron Donald’s status for next season.

Aaron Donald Is Keeping His Options Open

Aaron Donald should be brought back, according to Sean McVay. Head coach Sean McVay, who, despite his uncertain future, did not hesitate to demand the return of his greatest defensive player. “Run it back! Run it back!” was what McVay said to Aaron Donald yelling it about five times.

Aaron Donald just needed to say this to validate what many of his colleagues and coworkers in the Rams organization were hoping to hear.

Aaron Donald said that they had put together an incredible team and that they could bring it back if they wanted to, so why not? They have a chance to be global champions.

Aaron Donald is only 30 years old, thus he doesn’t have the same experience as offensive tackles. Andrew Whitworth, his 40-year-old colleague and the NFL’s oldest active player following Tom Brady’s retirement, did not respond positively to the same topic. Whitworth wrapped off his time on the platform by directing everyone’s attention to Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, who scored the game-winning touchdown in the last two minutes of play.

Kupp was having a great time Wednesday, much like his teammates. And he’s gearing up for another run at football success, this time with a Los Angeles icon in mind.