Adele Confirms Brit Awards Performance


Adele is one of the most popular musicians of the current generation. She has a worldwide fame and is loved dearly by her fans. However, the singer has been involved in controversy recently. 

The singer was scheduled for a show in Las Vegas in January. Thousands of her fans were excited to catch a glimpse of their favorite musician. Unfortunately, that was not to be. The hearts of all her fans were broken as the singer canceled the event. 

The musician posted a statement announcing the cancellation of the live concert. She apologized for the harassment dearly. The singer stated that more than half of her crew members have contracted covid. This made it impossible for her to organize the event. 

However, the singer made a recent announcement about her future performances. Adele stated that she would be performing at the Brit Awards. The singer also confirmed an appearance in the “Graham Norton Show”. 

Such an announcement infuriated her fans. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Adele Disappoints Fans With Latest Announcement

Adele is once again in the middle of a controversy. She has been confronted by thousands of her fans recently. The musician has announced her availability for the Brit Awards recently. 

This statement made her fans very much disappointed. They stated that the singer should give an update about the Las Vegas concert. They demanded the rescheduling of the event. 

Adele was accused of not giving enough importance to her fan’s sentiments. The audience stated that thousands of fans are stranded just to catch their favorite singer live. 

The tickets could not be resold as there was no update. The tickets were also not refunded by the organizing committee. All in all, the situation has become quite controversial for Adele.