Drake No More A Follower Of Rihanna


Drake is one of the biggest names in Hollywood music at the moment. However, things do not seem to be going too well for him at the moment. The musician has been experiencing tough times as her ex-girlfriend makes merry. 

The rapper has unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram recently. This news came just days after Rihanna announced her pregnancy. Rihanna stated that she was pregnant with the baby of ASAP Rocky. The move from the musician seems to be a reaction towards the announcement. 

Drake and Rihanna had on-and-off chemistry with each other. Both the stars were rumored to be dating each other in the year 2009. However, Rihanna denied any such news and does so to this date.  She stated that after Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky has been her only partner. 

Rihanna heaped praises on Rocky. The pop star said that a lot of men have tried to woo her. However, no one has done anything quite adorable like ASAP Rocky. He often greets Rihanna with rooms full of flowers. Rocky also cares and respects her partner a great deal. 

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Drake And Rihanna: Bad Blood? 

Rumors ran wild some years ago about Drake and Rihanna. Trusted sources stated that the duo was involved in a romantic relationship. 

The photographers claimed to have spotted the couple at a restaurant making out. They elaborated that both the singers kissed each other and cozied up throughout the night. 

As far as the current situation stands, Drake has unfollowed both Rihanna and ASAP Rocky. 

However, the rapper has followed Rocky once again who has also followed back. Rihanna on the other hand never followed Drake.