Adele Details How Losing 100 Pounds Controlled Her Chronic Back Pain: Talks Of Slipped Disc And C-Section


Adele has detailed how losing weight has helped her mobility and controlled her back pain after years of pain. It has also helped her after she had issues after her C-section.

The singer of Easy On Me was candid as she spoke during her ongoing promo for her upcoming album, ‘30’. Adele, 33, spoke candidly about how her life changed even since losing 100 pounds to help combat her anxiety issues.

Adele slipped a disc at the age of 15 while sneezing. Her back problems continued ever since. A C-section during the birth of Angelo, who is 9, aggravated her problems and left her physique totally compromised.

She had been plagued by back pains for half her life. Losing weight has helped her play with her son a bit more.

Strengthening Her Core Helped Adele Return To A Normal Routine

She said that her sessions with a trainer during the pandemic quarantine were akin to therapy for her brain. She speaks about the benefits that it has given her and says she is more agile now.

Adele says her fitness has helped her move more as her back pain has decreased, and she has strengthened her core. A wrong posture or increase in stress caused her pain to flare up.

She has termed her fight with her health issues a ‘metaphor for surviving.’ She found to resolve that was strengthened by the need to improve her mental health.

Adele finds that she is more agile than before, after losing weight. Her mobility too has improved, and so has her core strength.

But her weight loss has not been without its drawbacks. The changes have led to people commenting on her body positivity and lifestyle.

She was recently featured in an Oprah Winfrey interview. Her performance at LA’s Griffith Observatory was aired where Adele performed several of her popular and loved hits. There were also songs from her forthcoming album.

Adele says she continues to be the person she was before. The only change is that she feels agile.