Adele Surprises Fans While Promoting Album


While Adele might be the person who would rip off a band-aid about heartbreaks, she did play an important role in bringing two hearts closer. This couple was the highlight of her show at the Sunday night CBS special. The setup was simple- a man reached out to this ‘show’ which wasn’t actually a show and requested them to help him propose to his girlfriend of seven years.

The couple spent the entire day enjoying a picnic near the area of the superstar singer’s concert, after which they got ready for the magical night. And as luck would have it, the night did turn into a proposal- with adorable results. 

Adele’s Divorce Album May Not All Be About Heartbreak

Adele was an accomplice to the entire event, having threatened the crowd to not make much noise- a crowd that involved celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Lizzo. The girlfriend had a blindfold along with noise-canceling headphones, and the moment she took it off, one could definitely envision her shocked face. She then turned towards her boyfriend and asked him if all this was actually real.

At this, her boyfriend popped the question, and the moment she accept, the singer revealed herself to launch into her song ‘Make You Feel My Love’. At one point in the song, she also quipped that the newly turned bride was crying her eyes out-and we believe that no one would be blaming her at this point. 

What’s ironic about the entire situation is that Adele has been on tour, promoting her album which is about her divorce. But if a single thing has been made clear over her interview with Oprah Winfrey, it is that the album can also be looked at as a union- maybe with their own broken self like the singer herself. And to make that union, it needs one to take a lot of tough decisions.

In her interview, Adele talked about her relationship with Rich Paul where she stated that this was the first time where she loved herself and her partner, and actually felt loved by him. 


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