Agricultural Industry Ready To Hand Out Stimulus Checks

stimulus checks
stimulus checks

Not necessarily an individual bound to be involved with fieldwork, but any type of labored work is valid to claim for stimulus checks. As declared by the agricultural department anyone is eligible for the checks who is somehow attached to the agricultural industry. And relief is worth $665 million. But this check comes with a few requirements. The USDA organizations must be looked into for further details.

The Direct Payment Of Stimulus Checks Will Be A Massive Relief To Workers

Every job has a different type of category they fall into to claim their checks. And there are various types of stimulus checks available for them to claim. In order to claim those checks, one must need to meet the requirements.  The only criteria that have been listed by the USDA are, the claimers need to be a legal working period from January 2020 to December 2022.

They are advised to go through each and every option to claim stimulus checks. And they are also asked to contact the appropriate organization which would provide them with proper direct payments. And local organizations also have some terms and conditions that need to be looked into. These local agencies have time until 8th February to apply for grants which are $ 5 million to $50 million.

The farmers, people who worked in meat packing companies, grocery workers, also truck drivers, and cooling centers workers. If they were active in the work field during the mentioned time periods, they are eligible for a stimulus check worth $600. 

In Yuma County, there are 2000 farmers, who are eligible for stimulus checks. But to qualify for further stimulus checks, AGI must not be more than $75,000.And Couples who are filing jointly must provide proof of $150,000 of AGI.

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