BTS Gives Speech At UN General Assembly


One of this year’s speeches at the United Nations General Assembly was one of the most spectacular ones so far. BTS, the K-pop band, gave the speech. The speech was an attractive feature for young people and vaccination.

BTS Attracts An Audience Like Few Others

BTS took the stage to address the audience while an event on sustainability was ongoing. The musical juggernaut consisting of seven members took the podium while standing in front of the iconic backdrop of green marble in the hall for the General Assembly.

On Monday, BTS was helping in the promotion of the 2030 goals set by the U.N. The goals included steps to achieve gender equality, end extreme poverty, and preserve the planet. RM, the leader of the band, said that all of the choices that we make are only the start of the change. It is far from being the end.

Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, introduced the band as special envoys brought by the president. He also called them a young men group that is exceptionally outstanding, who continues to connect with the global youth.

The moment’s importance and significance was not something that was mistaken by the musicians who were present before the leaders of the world, as well as Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the U.N.

However, it was evident that even the experienced BTS members were feeling nervous. Jimin stumbled in his speech as he talked about the youth who were navigating the pandemic. But he said his apologies, took a breath and recollected himself. The famously loyal BTS Army rallied behind him at the moment on all social media platforms. The speech was seven minutes long, and each member took the podium in turn during it. BTS also took the chance to unveil their latest music video featuring “Permission to Dance”, their present hit single.

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