Meat Loaf Gets A Heartfelt Tribute From Daughters Pearl and Amanda

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf’s daughters took over Instagram this weekend to give their dad the perfect memorial. They said it was a celebration of their beloved dad’s life, his legacy, and the acknowledgment of his duties both off and on screen. The first anniversary of the legend Rocker’s death gets celebrated specially by Meat Loaf’s family.

“Meat Loaf: A Celebration To Life” A Memoir To The Singer’s Insightful Journey

Throughout last weekend, the musician had his ideal tribute in hands of daughters Pearl and Amanda Aday. The duo released a 35 minutes long short film named “Meat Loaf: A Celebration to Life” dedicated to their father who left at the age of 74. The short film was directed alongside filmmaker Jack Bennett.

On Saturday this weekend, the siblings announced the reveal of the short film in an emotional Instagram post. The post was captioned with thanks dedicated to all the people around the world that considered Meat Loaf as a family. They were very grateful for the amount of support and outpouring of love they received. The film is in honor of their Dad’s life, and his legacy as both the man off and on stage. Amanda and Pearl added that he was not just a performer but a mentor, boss, husband, friend, godfather, grandfather ‘Papa Meat’, and father.

The post continues to say that he was the father who taught them, filled them with generosity and love, teased them, a dad who sat with them in their good and bad times, and taught them how to ride a bicycle and catch a ball. He celebrated their victories and helped them up when they fell apart. The sisters went on to say that their father was a huge child himself but he taught them the tenacity of life and the value of respect. The caption ends on a miss note.

Pearl and Amanda explained at the end that the clip would be uploaded on its website which would serve as a retrospective of Meat Loaf’s career highlight along with never-seen-before-achieved footage of their dad.

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