AMC Cuts Off Pantheon


Even though the second of Pantheon has been already set and produced will not be telecast. There have been some financial causes that let the brand roll in the second part. The science fiction animated series is rumored to be sold to another platform. In 2020 it became the first animated series ordered by AMC.

Pantheon’s Abruptly Closing Is Just The Beginning

AMC cut off almost $400 million for only strategic programming assessment, and again for organizing restructuring costs, which massively affected Pantheon to close. The cutting decision for this particular series was made months ago, and it was publicly announced in 2022 december.

Pantheon, an animated series, is a story about a teenage girl who gets bullied in school like most teenagers. She even lost her father, and later suspicious things started happening in her life. Her phone used to receive messages from her dead father. And the following eerie incidents started taking place. Her father’s voice was stored in the cloud-like many other people. They were all the victims of brain experiments and lab rats to the scientists, which clearly didn’t turn out as they expected it to. And their petty science experiment failed to cause uncountable families to lose their supporters.

The creators of this thriller and fantasy drama series are Ken Liu and Craig Silverstein. And Craig Silverstein was the one who fixed overall deals with AMC in 2021 for Pantheon. He is the only one on board with producing this series, along with him there are Chris Prynoski, Ben Kalina, and Juno Lee.

Daniel Dae Kim, Paul Dano, Taylor Schilling, and also late William Hurt, gave their voices to the animated characters of Pantheon and brought them to life. Some believe the original CEO of the AMC network departed suddenly, which may have something to do with the project. A temporary position for the CEO was offered to James L. Dolan, until 6th March 2023.