Dear Evan Hansen Fails To Impress

Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen promised a lot when it was announced. It was hyped up for a long time as one of the best. However, when it was finally released, it did not impress. The film is a musical drama that failed to have a mark on the audience. The movie is filled with mistakes that have dampened the spirits. Loosely strung storylines, lack of proper storytelling all combine to make it a disappointment. The only silver lining for the movie was the music. The scores were developed by Justin Paul & Benj Pasek. Both Pasek & Paul are famous for their compositions in La La Land. Let us learn more about the film in detail below. 

Dear Evan Hansen: A Disappointment

Dear Evan Hansen is directed by Stephen Chbosky. Ben Plat makes his comeback on the big screen after quite a while. He plays the lead role of Evan Hanse. Evan has been portrayed as a depressed character. He is suffering from immense social anxiety. Evan sends optimistic letters to himself. He speaks about how great a person he is. This is a kind of therapy that Evan conducts on himself. This makes him happy and motivates him to go on with life. 

Things take a wrong turn when one of his friends Connor finds one of Evan’s letters. The letter had mentions of Connor’s sister that made him angry. Despite repeated requests from Evan, Connor complained to the principal. Unfortunately, Connor committed suicide shortly after. Despite finding Evan’s letter, the parents of Evan & Connor decided to keep quiet. 

Dear Evan Hansen suffers from a lack of a well-knitted storyline. The flow of storytelling was also not up to the mark. The directors made a bizarre choice of portraying Evan as a hero. Everything in the movie indicated Evan being a psychopath. It remains to be seen whether the film can do well at the box office or not.