Christina Applegate Got Her Own Star On14th November

christina applegate
christina applegate

Hollywood walk of fame star was awarded to Christina Applegate, it was a very touching moment for her. Last month she shared her diagnosis story posting many walking sticks photos. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August 2021 and shared how far life has been.

Christina Applegate Appreciates Every Moment Of Her Life

Christina Applegate has faced many health issues until now, but she has been unstoppable. In 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and a mastectomy, she got rid of her ovaries and fallopian tube in 2017, and in 2018 faced menopause issues. Then last year diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the same time, she was filming for the third season of Dead To Me.

Receiving a Hollywood walk of fame has always been Christina Applegate’s dream since she was five, had no idea about acting or the Hollywood industry, all she cared about watching star wars on that very street. And there she is having her own engraved stone. She literally manifested it, she just wanted one while she was five, and she has it.

She is immensely grateful to her family who has been nothing but a huge support for her. Liz Feldman, the creator of Dead To Me, was there with Christina Applegate who she considered as a family. She considers her colleagues as her family and, she cannot thank them enough for their with her through thick and thin. She is incomplete without them.

Christina Applegate’s journey since Friends Amy Green till Dead To Me has been incredibly interesting, and she enjoyed every bit of her career, she hasn’t even changed her agent, which was advised by her mother. She joked that if she goes down, she is taking everyone with them. And she will never have to face anything alone, she has that from everyone. She is grateful for her daughter and husband, she had them by her stand while receiving the honor.