Ron Jeremy Accused Of Sexual Assault

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy used to be an actor in the adult film industry. He is currently sixty-eight years of age. Jeremy has some serious allegations against his name. The actor has been accused of sexually assaulting and harassing several women. Jeremy has allegedly exploited over 21 women for a prolonged period. Over two decades, the actor used the women to fulfill his twisted pleasure. He was produced in court with all the charges on 26th June 2020. With the passing of each day, the actor seems to plunge into deeper darkness. The victims are from a variety of age ranges. The women range from 15 years to 51 years of age. The said harassment dates back to 1996. Ron Jeremy has pleaded to the court for his innocence. Let us dig deeper into the details of the same.

Ron Jeremy In Serious Trouble

The adult film actor seems to be in some serious trouble. He has been arrested and convicted with heinous charges. As many as thirty instances of sexual abuse have been reported against him. The actor took to the court on Wednesday along with his attorney. Jeremy pleaded his innocence at the Los Angeles District Court. 

Jeremy faces trial for a dozen cases of forced rape, seven instances of forced oral sex. He was also accused of penetrating women with foreign objects four times. Jeremy also exploited underage women. They were just 15 years old when the incident occurred. Apart from all these, Ron had sexual intercourse with asleep and unconscious women. 

George Gascón is the Attorney for the court of Los Angeles. He stated that proper care has to be taken of all the assaulted victims. He wanted to ensure the victims did not live in the shadows. Ron Jeremy pleaded no guilty at the court. However, looking at his record of allegations, it is unlikely his claim would hold strong.