Amy Schneider’s End Her Jeopardy Winning Streak At $1.3 Million

Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider’s winning streak finally came to a halt on Tuesday after 40 games, the second-longest run. The engineering manager was bested by Chicago librarian Rhone Talsma. Though holding big leads by Final Jeopardy, she was ousted by a series of clues.

Amy Schneider, though, has her $1.3M winnings to cover up her sadness at the exit. In a statement, Amy said that she had realized that Talsma would be a tough opponent.

She said that she loved competing with Rhone, and had a good conversation going, before the recording. But she realized that Rhone was serious about playing. She said that though she was close to a win, but realized that she was losing out gradually.

When Amy Schneider finally realized that Talsma was quick at the buzzer, it dawned on her that it was destined to turn into a tough fight all the distance.

Amy Schneider was second in the episode that was on air a day after, on Wednesday. Her exit ensures that Ken Jennings, the current host, retains his record of the most victories intact at 74 wins.

Amy Schneider And Amodio Will Face Off For Tournament Of Champions In Jeopardy

Amy Schneider took over the second place held by Matt Amodio, the winner of $1,518,601 during his stay on the show.

Amodio and Amy Schneider are set for a showdown in the following edition for the ‘Tournament of Champions this fall.

Schneider said that it had been an honor to be among the successful participants in a game that she had loved for years, and be a part of history.

Amy Schneider became known for her calm demeanor and often had huge leads before the game reached ‘Final Jeopardy.’

Talsma believes his work as a professional librarian gives him an edge. He says that he is guaranteed to learn something new every day from the patrons. It helps him be a good generalist, which is just right from the clues and format of Jeopardy.