Keith Urban To Be Back At Caesars Palace In Las Vegas After Adele Postpones Shows

keith urban
keith urban

After Adele tearfully postponed her Las Vegas residency citing delivery delays and the pandemic, Keith Urban has moved in to fill the gap. The country star has been booked for several nights in March at Caesars’ Palace where tickets had been sold as Adele was to perform there.

Keith Urban was already slated to perform on Memorial Day weekend at the Las Vegas theatre after Adele wrapped up her show. But Caesars Palace has announced that it has booked dates before those dates for the country singer.

The additional dates for Keith Urban at the Colosseum are 24, 26, and 30 March and the 1st and 2nd of April.

Adele would have been playing on those days as part of her now-canceled 3-month residency.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal also published reports that Adele was also displeased with the multimillion-dollar sets.

Sources added that the pieces constructed by Solotech, a live production company, had been dismantled and hauled out of the Colosseum. It clearly indicates that work at the theater has been stopped.

Adele also announced that she was postponing the entire 3-month residency, which would have been completed on April 16.

Fresh reports indicate that the reason for the cancellation was linked to her displeasure with the show and not due to pandemic-related or supply-chain issues.

Keith Urban Has Tweeted To His Fans About His Presence

Keith Urban has announced that he will step in and start his residency in Las Vegas. He said that performing in Las Vegas was always exciting. He said that it was bang in the middle of things.

Even with no indication of resumption, there has been no word of refunds being made, both primary and secondary. People who have spent between hundreds and tens of thousands on the tickets have been told to expect fresh dates or an announcement of a refund.

Adele was reportedly unhappy with the set design, done by one of the most influential designers, Esmeralda Devlin. They have worked together earlier but are reported to have fallen out over this particular set. There are reports that a 10,000-gallon lake was designed on the stage but Adele backed out at the last minute.

The earlier that Adele could start the residency is in July as she has other commitments in between including one at Hyde Park in London.