Andrew Yang Criticized By Ocasio-Cortez Following Israel Tweet 


Andrew Yang, the mayoral candidate for the city of New York, got criticized this Tuesday. It was done by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Representative from the state of New York. As per the criticism, Yang had scheduled the event of the campaign just around Eid, the celebration of the people belonging to the community of the Muslims. And this was carried out after the fact that the mayoral candidate showed his support towards the middle eastern country, Israel following the violence that is going on in the country. It was done so over the social media platform, Twitter.

Andrew Yang Support Israelis

The mayoral candidate tweeted this Monday. Through the tweet, he went on to condemn the acts of the Hamas terrorists. Andrew Yang stated that he stood in full support of the Israelis who were being attacked. He further stated that all the people belonging to the city of New York were with the people of Israel who were fighting against the terrorists.

Representative Ocasio Cortez responded to one of the videos shared by New York’s mayoral candidate. In that video, it was stated that those organizers who were responsible for the event of grocery distribution in one of the neighborhoods of Astoria asked the former presidential candidate from the Democratic party to stay away from the event. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took to the social media platform, Twitter, to state her claims concerning Andrew Yang. She claimed that it was extremely shameful of him to show support for Eid especially after publishing a statement concerning the attack on Israel. The celebration of Eid began this Wednesday evening marking Ramadan’s end. It will last until the night of Thursday. At one of the press conferences that was held this Tuesday, Andrew Yang stated that he had planned to attend it initially.

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