Andy Cohen Addressed The Alarming Rise Of Antisemitism In US

andy cohen

When Savetsky found herself “on the receiving side of a flood of antisemitic vitriol,” she declared her withdrawal from the next Bravo series.

In light of the recent incident with Bravo rookie Lizzy Savetsky, Andy Cohen is speaking out against anti – semitism in America.

After Savetsky announced her resignation from the Real Housewives of New York City reboot, Andy Cohen spoke about the incident and the broader issue going on in the country.

Andy Cohen tells media outlets in a promotional launch of a beverage brand that he can confirm that the newcomer is already leaving, which is unfortunate.

He continued telling that when he spoke out against the issue, what he got in response, was very alarming for a star like him too. Andy Cohen said that we currently are living in a messed up time.

The reporters also noted him saying that the social media can make things even bad, it is a rough time for the people, especially the jewish people in American, and it has deeply saddened Andy.

Andy Cohen Concerned About Alarming Rise Of Antisemitism:

At a filming of the Watch What Happens Live filming at BravoCon in October this year, the cast for RHONY’s fourteenth episode was revealed. Ubah Hassan, Sai De Silva, Jenna Lyons, Erin Dana Lichy, Brynn Whitfield and Jessel Taank, were all scheduled to appear in Savetsky’s film.

The latest season is presently in production and is scheduled to debut in 2019. However, Savetsky made her intention to depart public on Wednesday, blaming it on “a deluge of antisemitic assaults.”

The announcement of Savetsky’s resignation coincides with a rise in anti-Semitism in popular culture. Recently, Kanye West faced criticism for threatening to kill JEWISH PEOPLE.  His remarks drew criticism from his famous colleagues, caused the closure of many of his commercial enterprises, and cost him his billionaire title.