Kate Winslet Hopes She Had Intimacy Coordinators To Save Her From “Awkward” Intimacy On Screen

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet opens up about the need to have intimacy coordinators on the set during the shooting of intimate scenes on her recent podcast appearance on ‘How I Found My Voice’.

The Academy Award-winning actor who is known for her roles in popular films like ‘Titanic’, ‘Sense and Sensibility’, ‘The Reader’ and so on joined in for an exclusive live podcast show this February to talk about how she found her voice within the gamut of Hollywood voices.

The actor openly discusses how she wished there were intimacy coordinators or just ‘friends’ on the set while she was shooting intimate scenes to tell the other person off if their hands wandered off in a different place or when there was too much action in scenes that did not require that much. She summed it up saying that intimacy coordinators could have saved her from “awkward” experiences on the set.

Kate Winslet Becomes The Intimacy Coordinator For Her Upcoming Film

Though it is common for such coordinators to be present on the set nowadays, Kate Winslet mentions that she hopes there were more such people during her hay days. She said, “I definitely wish I had them in the past, I definitely do.” Moreover, the hiring of intimacy coordinators is only a recent phenomenon that helps a lot when there are explicit scenes to be filmed.

Opening up further on the podcast, Kate Winslet said the importance of having such a person present on the set made her take the role of an intimacy coordinator for her upcoming film, Mare Of Easttown on HBO. During the filming of the movie, she mentioned that she helped out the young actor, Angourie Rice with her filming of an intimate scene. She said that many people do not consider hiring an intimacy coordinator when there are no clothes to be taken off. However, she could sense that the actor was nervous so she frankly offered to be around when they shot the scene.