Anthony Gonzalez Decides To Draw A Line

Anthony Gonzalez

Anthony Gonzalez has decided to call it a day on his career as a politician. This decision came as a shock to many. No one was anticipating any such kind of announcement from the Republicans. 

Gonzalez serves as the representative of the Republican party in Ohio. He represented Ohio in the 16th Congressional District. Before entering into politics, he also was a successful sportsman. Anthony Gonzalez was a fine footballer. He was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the NBA, 2007. 

Anthony played a pivotal role in the impeachment of the previous president. One of the main rivals of Donald Trump was Gonzalez. He almost single-handedly led the campaign against Trump. The campaign eventually led to the loss of Donal Trump in the election. The promising politician was very much expected to contest the 2022 elections. Let us dive deep down and find out the reasons for his untimely retirement. 

Anthony Gonzalez Will Not Contest 2022 Elections

Anthony Gonzalez has stated several reasons that impacted his decision. One of the main reasons behind his retirement was his family. He clearly stated that he wanted to spend more time with his family. He stated that he believed that families are of great importance. One should always look to grow and enhance their chemistry with the family.

Another major reason for Gonzalez to pull out was interim conflict. He expressed his grief over the fact that the atmosphere has become toxic within the party. He thanked all of his co-workers and expressed his gratitude. Gonzalez appreciated the public showering him with love and respect. 

Anthony Gonzalez has been very much vocal against Donald Trump. He doubted and criticized the policies of Trump during the Capitol Riots. The Republican representative believed that the former President could have avoided the attacks.