Antonio Brown Lands Punch And Rips Off Helment From Titans DB, Leaving Joint Practice

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown made the headlines after getting into a fight at the joint practice sessions. This is not a rare sight since NFL is a commonplace for heated arguments and raging games during joint practices. However, when punches land and helmets fly, headlines tend to be made. This was what happened on Thursday when the Buccaneers hosted the Titans. Antonio Brown happened to be the epicenter of the commotion. 

The receiver from the Buccaneers left the practice after having the fight with Chris Jackson, the defensive back for Titans. Sources reveal that Jackson’s helmet was ripped off by Antonio Brown while a drill was underway. Both players were agitated as they were getting in each other’s way. The communication heated up pretty quickly and blows were exchanged. Pictures reveal that Antonio Brown managed to land a proper left hook on Jackson’s jaw.

After the teammates and the coaches intervened to break up the fight, Brown left the practice to cool down. However, he returned to the practice later in order to carry on with later drills.

Antonio Brown Not the Only Challenger

Antonio Brown was not the only challenger in the day while the second practice between the team occurred, there were multiple instances of rough gameplay between the players. According to sources, there were many such instances that could have taken a bad turn. There was an instance when Devin White, the linebacker for the Bucs, seemingly took down an opponent in the Titans with a suplex style. 

The overall review of the practice session was great, according to White’s testimony to the reporters. He stated that the game consisted of many grown men who compete with their emotions. Things happen in the heat of the moment, but the motive must to be protect the teammates as well as the opponents. Upon asking about Antonio Brown’s scuffle, he mentioned that it was nothing.

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