Elaine Chao Accused Of Misuse Of Office

Elaine Chao
Elaine Chao

The inspector of the Department of Transportation contacted the Justice Department of the country in the month of December. It was regarding the case of Elaine Chao, the then-secretary. They approached in order to start a criminal probe concerning her.

Elaine Chao is under the accusation of misusing her office. The then-secretary is also held responsible for involving her staff to carry out personal matters. It includes sending gifts to her family during the time of Christmas. All this information was derived from a document that went viral this Wednesday.

Elaine Chao Went Beyond Her Jurisdiction?

The Justice Department gave a clear reply stating that they have declined the request. The same reply had come from the office of the Attorney of the United States of America based in Washington. The decline came from them when the ex-president Donald Trump was in his final days at the White House.

The reason stated for the decline was given by General Mitch Behm, the deputy inspector of the Transportation Department. It said that the case involving the Republican Elaine Chao falls within the banner of administrative and/or ethical issue. It does not have anything to do with a criminal investigation.

It was all written in a report of a total of 38 pages. The report also contained detailed information about the concerns related to ethics. It was exclusively with regard to the conduct of the 67-year-old Elaine Chao.

The request for an investigation was done by the members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of the House. They involved leaders belonging to the Democratic party. General Mitch Behm also added that no sufficient basis could be found while reviewing the case that would give way for an investigation.

According to reports, Elaine Chao, the wife of Mitch McConnel, the minority leader of the Senate, is said to have given orders to her staff to carry out her personal chores.

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