Emmy Nominations 2021 Dominated By MCU’s WandaVision

Emmy Nominations 2021
Emmy Nominations 2021

The glass ceiling of one of the biggest production houses, Marvel Studios, got shattered by the movie Black Panther. It was in the year 2019 at the Oscar ceremony. It became the first-ever blockbuster in the field of comic books to earn the title of the “Best Picture nomination.” And after two years, another MCU movie has done the same at the Emmy nominations 2021.it is the series, WandaVision. The success of the series has surprised fans all access the world especially those who are very much familiar with the universe of Marvel.

Emmy Nominations 2021 Glass Ceiling Breakers

The first-ever streaming series of the MCU franchise, WandaVision, has successfully achieved a total of 23 Emmy nominations by 2021. The nomination also includes that of the lead actor under which Elizabeth Olsen, the actress who plays Wanda, has been selected. Paul Bettany, the one who plays the role of Vision, has also been selected. The Matt Shakman directed miniseries has also earned the Emmy nominations 2021 under the category of “Anthology series.” WandaVision’s main villain Agatha Harkness whose role is played by the American actress Kathryn Hahn has been nominated for the category of the “Supporting Actress.”

WandaVision has a total of nine episodes. The series was released after the television series, The Mandalorian. The series is also one of the “Emmy nominations 2021.” Of all the series that achieved the most-nominated series title, Crown is at the first number. However, it is not just Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen who gets to be the hero this year, they are accompanied by Mj Rodriguez. He is the first star from the community of transgenders to come within the banner of Emmy nominations 2021.  He is from the series, Pose, which airs over the American television channel, FX.  

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