Elizabeth Hurley Reveals More Than Her Bikini As She Shows Off Her White Chain-Link Creation

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley

A new picture of Elizabeth Hurley in the new Bikini has her looking every inch of that diva. As we wade into the middle of the holiday season, Elizabeth Hurley has sent us a reminder that winter vacation to a warm seaside should be on everyone’s wish list.

Elizabeth has made the trip to the tropical location her own with the enticing bikini pic that she has posted on Instagram.  

Elizabeth Hurley, 56, has combined her super fitness with her love for the great outdoors in her latest swimwear collection titled Elizabeth Hurley Beach. She has been posting pics from her line that prove that she has an incredible talent for creating stunning designs that defy age and time.

The white bikini, the latest from Elizabeth Hurley’s stable hugs the curves in the right places. The delicate accent of the gold chain link keeps it all together. She looks heavenly in the sun-kissed location.

She mentioned that she had finally received her white chain bikini, her favorite. She called it the Celestial Bikini.

Elizabeth Hurley Answers Her Critics For Posting During A Pandemic

And though some people were critical of her for posing pictures of bikinis during the pandemic, she model and businesswoman was unapologetic for her stunning creations.

She said that there was a good reason behind her wearing this swimwear. She mentioned that they had been forced indoors for 14 months and they had to improvise and sell what they can.

So we can expect to see those stunning collections appearing on social media as she has a line to sell. Her products give women of all age groups the confidence to wear what they desire. Being a woman in her mid-fifties, Elizabeth Hurley has every right to be feeling great in the collection she wears and presents.

She says the secret to her figure lies in her shunning processed food, sweets, and alcohol. She professes a weakness for peanut butter and an occasional bite of nicotine gum.