Barack Obama Wants Voting Rights To Be Protected

Virginia Gubernatorial Race
Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States of America, spoke out on the subject of voting rights. It was claimed that it was absolutely important to provide protection to voting rights especially after the 2020 Presidential elections. The statement came out this Monday. He also went forth to criticize Donald Trump, the former President who succeeded him in office. He stated that Former President Trump exploited the sanctity of the system of the American election by disgracing its “core tenet.” Former President Barack Obama also mentioned how Trump made every effort to spread unscientific claims with regard to election fraud.

Barack Obama On The Country’s Future

The two-time President belonging to the Democratic party gave the statement this Monday. He had attended one of the virtual fundraisers for the committee called the “National Democratic Redistricting Committee.” The other political personalities to attend the virtual meeting were Eric Holder, the retired Attorney General, and Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. Barack Obama talked about certain events from history relating to the subject of voting rights. He stated that for the last few years, many attempts have been made to discourage the act of voting. Some “straightforward measures” were also taken to act against that right. He stated that it was done by some state legislatures.

Barack Obama mentioned the importance of securing the voting rights of the citizens of America. He stated that if these things kept continuing then there would be a system of unhealthy competition through elections in the country. The former President claimed that there would be a delegitimize democracy in the country. He also stated that most of the politicians belonging to the Republican party sided with Donald Trump out of fear despite him spreading false rumors about the 2020 Presidential elections.