Benjamin Netanyahu Is Proposing Unnecessary Changes

benjamin netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the first working cabinet meeting of the new government at the Chagall Hall in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem May 24, 2020. Abir Sultan/Pool via REUTERS

Israel’s Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been proposing unnecessary changes in the legislation. Leaders from inside and outside have opposed each one of them. They called them insufficient so far. The prime minister has been trying too hard to victimize himself. He feels pressurized by different countries including the US.New plans might bring horrible consequences.

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Not Willing To Be Less Powerful

He would rather accept the consequences of his new plans for the country would bring. Rather than accepting defeat by accepting other countries’ offers that would bring peace to Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is rigid about his decision. He feels whatever he thinks is the correct one perhaps.

New plans would bring less power to judges than it has now. The overhaul process is being watched by Simcha Rothman. The parliament is highly likely to delay other passages until the Knesset’s Passover holiday in April.

Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out why the changes are necessary. With newly appointed judges there would be new plans to work along with that.

Currently, judges are being selected by politicians, other judges, and legal experts. Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to bring those changes perhaps. However, there would be consequences.

They are aiming to pass the judicial bill before April. Before the Passover holiday begins. The new overhaul would bring Knesset into a much bigger position with more power. They would be able to overturn any supreme court decision.

This would make Benjamin Netanyahu more powerless and rather make him unfit for the position.

Protests have been taking place for this overhaul for months now. They are saying this would damage the Israeli democracy that they have built for years.