Kory Keefer Should Win The Best Boyfriend Award

kory keefer

Winter House star Kory Keefer shared an inside story of his relationship. He has been dating Sam Feher. However, fans had a major crush on him and his onscreen love interest, Jessica Stocker. Who looks similar to Sam Feher. Both are blonde. Blonde hair made the fans confused. Fans even called her Jess. She didn’t mind anything. Rather they had clear communication and an understanding. Keefer gave her all the transparency she needed. Perhaps all the boyfriends in the world should learn from him. The reality star often confused the fan with his on-screen smoking romance with Jessica Stocker. They made a great on-screen couple.

Kory Keefer Saved Her Girlfriend From All The Unnecessary Tension

The confusion arose when the summer house production was yet to announce Sam Feher in season 7. Kory Keefer perhaps had a fling with Jessica Stocker. Their onscreen romance seemed like they took control of the world.

However, Jessica Stocker moved back to Los Angeles. Kory Keefer and her connected during Winter House season 2.

Things didn’t work out. Kory didn’t try enough to make it work. Their vibe didn’t match.

During the summer house season 7 Sam Feher joined the cast. She immediately had a connection with Kory. Afterward, things fell into place.

Sam Feher later confirmed Kory Keefer is her boyfriend indeed.

Furthermore gushed about him being the absolute best guy. Kory Keefer never gave her a chance to question their relationship. They always have an open conversation. They have total transparency.

Kory Keefer even told her when the fans started stirring up all rumors about him dating Jessica Stocker. Their heating episode and everything. It’s them and it’s always going to them.

Sam Feher clarified to Kory saying she doesn’t want to judge his actions before she came into his life. They have started something new. Perhaps they have promised each other not to look back at those mistakes.

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