Signal And Telegram See Boost In Users After WhatsApp Alters Privacy Policy


WhatsApp users shift to Signal and Telegram following the alteration in WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

In this digital age, where tech giants have all the information they require regarding individuals, starting from personal to professional data, WhatsApp’s privacy policy was a not-so-subtle alteration that people could figure out easily. There was a series of dialogue regarding this policy and the consequence is clearly visible. There seems to be a mass exodus from WhatsApp to more privacy-focused messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

When WhatsApp is all about sharing information with parent company Facebook, apps like Telegram and Signal are focusing more on privacy. They are focusing more on being free from surveillance. This messaging service changed their description to “we’re not tied to any major tech companies, and we can never be acquired by one either” following WhatsApp’s decision to share information with Facebook.

Signal And Telegram See Highest Installations Following WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy

As concerns bundled up, users started shifting to newer platforms. Over the last week, that is from 6th to the 10th of January, the Signal app saw 7.5 million installations across the globe through Play Store and Apple’s App Store, reports Sensor Tower.

This is approximately 43 times more than the number of installs the week before. WhatsApp released its privacy policy update notice on January 4th. Therefore, it can be said that the week following WhatsApp’s altered privacy policy became the highest monthly installation week for Signal.

Another source, Apptopia mentions that Telegram installations crossed the 5.6 million mark around the globe since Wednesday.

According to Signal’s claim, this app provides “state-of-the-art end-to-end-encryption” that does not allow unintended audiences to read or access private messages of individuals or groups.

WhatsApp messages, like Signal’s are also end-to-end encrypted. This means that Facebook cannot access your messages. However, the app collects a huge base of other private information which can then be passed on to Facebook. Users have till the 8th of February before they have to agree to these altered terms.

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