Summer House Season 7: Danielle Olivera And Lindsay Hubbard Bicker On Sets

Summer House

A Summer House video has confirmed rumors that besties Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard had a fallout. It was devastating for the fans of the besties to see them get involved in a running feud. The Summer House episode on Monday picked up last week’s argument between 34-year-old Danielle and 36-year-old Lindsay.

The show follows a group of around 9 friends who stay at a summer house on weekends in a drama-filled summer season in the town of Hamptons in Southampton, New York. Now into Season 7, the new episode premiered on February 13. Each episode streams the next day.

Summer House Regulars Danielle And Lindsay Fall Out Over Trivialities

The feud began about the latter cutting down on her alcohol for Carl Radke, her partner. This is despite her wanting to have more. Lindsay berated her entrepreneur friend for being hard on her and said she had been getting hard on her lately. Danielle responded that as her true friend, she considered it appropriate that she should be concerned about her.

She said that she was pushing Lindsay to be a better friend and person and not just being hard on her. The Summer House regulars were thick friends last season (Season 6) but have fallen out this season.

Danielle was in tears as she told a few of her Summer House housemates that their relationship was “beyond repair.” Rumor had been circulating for some time now about the feud between the friends.

The former partners-in-crime disagreed about their loyalties to each other. Lindsay asked Danielle why she should seek her blessing even as the two sat outside together. Danielle responded a bit too harshly and was seen telling her Summer House pal that what she was telling her did not quite make sense and was weird. Crazypants was the word she used to describe their relationship.