Adidas sends sneakers to COVID-19 frontliners in New York

Adidas sends sneakers
Adidas sends sneakers

In this current health crisis that the whole world is going through, everybody is trying to contribute their part to the heroes that are working day and night to ensure safety of billions.

Adidas, the company which dedicates its products to the athletes and keeps on upgrading their standard to match their tagline ‘Impossible is Nothing’ has stolen the hearts of the medical staff at Mount Sinai hospital in Queens, New York.

Adidas has donated 130 pairs of brand-new sneakers to the medical staff to recognize them for their chivalry and undying effort. 

The hospital spokesperson, Kathy Rubenstein quoted to, “Of course, the ED (emergency department) staff were super excited to get them. They spend most of their shift on their feet and wear sneakers every day. A new pair is both a great pick me up and super practical”.